Are you ready to be a mommy in todays motherhood? 

The MOMMY Mindset Course is designed to help todays mother become the mommy she wants to be. You will learn how to know who you are, the practical mindset tools to be implementing today and how to lead an example you'd love to see if your family- all while feeling peaceful in daily life.

Raise your words &
think like a mommy


It's time to raise your words and be the one that creates more good in your home. 

MOMMY mindset will give you real tools for real results.

Transform yourself and finally know who you are with the tools to show up and think intentionally. "Mothers are exhausted" is the common narrative, and I am here to say mommy's are renewed and upright. 

know who you are

Create an empowered mindset

Take intentional action to slow and flip the thoughts racing in your mind to become a narrative of empowerment and enriched feelings.

implement powerful tools

I've viewed motherhood differently from the beginning because I am a mommy. I have taken my most powerful parenting mindset tools and delivered them in MOMMY Mindset.

get started

Learn M.O.M.M.Y. with confidence, action steps to implement and clarity! Mindset obstacles will melt away as you renew your mind. It's time to Raise Your Words and take back your motherhood- this is your chance to come back home where you belong in your family.

m is for motherly
o is for opportunity
m is for mindful
m is for magnify
y is for yes

It's that simple. I was searching for an answer to my anger for years. I am so freaking thankful I stumbled upon Tessa's profile, and it changed my life by giving me a different viewpoint." 

"I was the MOST resentful person, and this course is the tool I needed to change!


I felt defeated each day and shamed myself for it. Her course was the best gift I couldn’t have received. I have an empowered mindset that supports me through any challenging circumstance. I feel like I’m finally back in the drivers seat of my life, creating a life I love. More than anything, I’m now proud of the mommy I am.

"I now know who I am!"


turned it all around

takes ownership

Gets to be the impact

I was told over and over that I get to be the barometer for my household and that used to trigger me. I've learned how to make that a positive that I get to do that and be the impact!"

"I get to set the barometer for my household."


Yes, It Really Works

There's a reason why our kids refer to us as mommy, and it's time you freaking owned it.

I love you, mommy.

mommy mindset