It's time to STOP feeling like life is happening TO YOU, and gain the PEACE that comes from being CONFIDENT in the mother you are.

Mind body alignment

Sound like you?
There's HOPE... read on!

You started your day deciding to show up with love and patience, and you ended up spending the day yelling at your kids with a complete lack of tolerance for what they are doing and now you are just done. 

You lose it quickly and spend your day in regret.

You claim everyday "I am exhausted, overwhelmed, unappreciated and touched out..." Is that who you truly are or how you feel right now?  How lonely does it feel to not know who you really are?

It feels like you don't know who you are.

What time the baby woke up, what your toddler broke and what your kiddo said is all working against you. Heck, your mind is convinced your KIDS are against you just like the rest of life.

Your day is happening to you.

 if you relate with the following THIS IS FOR YOU!

Motherhood is hard and will ask more of you than you think you can give. It becomes easy to think it's all happening to you.
That is where your mindset and who you believe you are becomes so crucial and a true saving grace.
We do this work because we don't have time not to. Our children have one childhood and this is our chance to show up as who they need. Think of the difference this would have made for you and the generational impact you have the opportunity to make now.

This is your one shot at motherhood and it's YOU that will make the difference.

It's hard to see it now, thank God for redemption! I was the girl that constantly had a negative mindset. I was a victim of EVERYTHING in my life and I was happy to blame everyone else around me for my misery. I had experienced a lot of hardship and loss and I believed that would define me for a lifetime - I didn’t realize I was actually choosing that. I was drowning in anger, felt alone in my pain and frustration and frankly….I was completely STUCK. 
Then I had a WAKE UP CALL! Something that finally got me out of my own way and pushed me to see for the first time ever that my life, and how I lived my life, was MY CHOICE! I DECIDE how I feel and at that moment, EVERYTHING changed.
I am going to take you on that same journey. The journey that changed my life and thousands of women’s life since then. It’s time for YOU to define your future.

Your past does NOT have to define your future. I was drowning in anger and felt stuck for 12 FREAKING YEARS…


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Yes, Tess! Count me in.

Are you ready to become the peaceful confident you?

plus THREE amazing free bonuses!

Feel like your emotions completely take over when things get hard? I teach you how to mentally and physically stay aligned, while still feeling your emotions with grace.

Emotional freedom


Just as it sounds- thoughts that actually help you and lift you up when things feel hard and heavy. Your mind is now YOUR servant, not the other way around.

An "i've got this" mindset


You have an identity right now, you just may not like it. Even so, it is your operating system. We overhaul identity so you can finally craft yourself into a version you freaking looove.

know who you are


I turned my personal journey into a practical and effective 12 week course for mothers that need to change. Now you can join the hundreds of other mothers that chose a different tomorrow for themselves and their family. 

These are the results you can expect from this course...

Dana s.

"What I have learned has truly elevated my life experience as a wife and mom. I deserve to feel proud of who I get to be!"

student love

Reacting to what is happening with glares, aggressive behaviors and words you wish you could take back. It's like your mind is convinced this is the only way and at the same time that way is breaking your heart and family. 

Feeling tired to your core, missing excitement and just something to look forward to each day. Everything feels so hard from going to bed a little sooner, waking up and all of the laundry, cooking, cleaning and errands of the day. 

Being someone you don't recognize anymore. Your mind feels lost in a spiral of negativity and you aren't sure which way is up, let alone out. 

Neglecting. yourself and your needs and punishing yourself when you don't get as much done as you think you should. It doesn't matter what you do, it just feels like you can't win or get ahead.

Right this minute, which would you like to overcome the most?

You see where you are headed and you're flooded with joy to be the active creator making it all happen!

You're setting an example and teaching your family a powerful mindset with healthy coping skills you are giddy to share with them.

What "is happening" is your given opportunity to be who you want to be and do something you're dang proud of.

Emotions are welcome in your life with complete acceptance and a clear boundary of what they are and where they belong- away from the drivers seat!

It's time to get the change you NEED and get you feeling like...

Where mothers come as they are and become who they want to be with improved mental and emotional health that only self-healing can deliver. 

Mind Body Alignment!

let me introduce you to...

Working on yourself does not change your current realities- it empowers you in them. You're going to go through this course, see yourself in a new light and need additional tools that equip you during the turbulence of life and relationships. Unlike the weight of anger, yelling, blaming, arguing, self-sabotage and how destructive those tools were, I have a lighter armor for you to wear. Our tools for real life are still entirely in your control and can be effectively practiced any day and in any relationship! Nothing and no one needs to change before you do- remember that. 

module five

Tools To Use in Real Life.

Your mind loops that negativity and breathes shame because it believes there is reason to. You have decided that your experiences amount to something you should feel ashamed of and could never be forgiven- "negative self-talk keeps you in check." However, that is all wrong and why you're HERE. Now you will learn the truth about yourself, your choices and experiences. You are a few weeks away from  self-love and peace flooding into your heart and unrooting the negative narrative your mind was previously using. I'm not concerned if you have a positive mindset, I care that you have an empowered one. 

module three & Four

Shame and Healing Are
Evicting Negative Self-Talk.

Any thought you entertain will eventually be played out in your attitude or behaviors. Feeling annoyed around your spouse and irritable or impatient around your kids is a result of what you think of them- that's it. Our deep work dives into where those thoughts are coming from so you can finally dig up those roots and plant something new that will change what you see in your family and circumstances. Your mindset influences every area and of your life and it's a mistake to think it only effects you. 

module two

Mindset Work That Moves Emotions and Changes Behaviors.

"I've lost myself in motherhood." "I don't know who I am anymore" "I don't even recognize myself..." 
Come discover who you truly are (possibly for the first time ever) and get absolutely clear on where you are headed. No matter the course you have been on- you get to change directions here and be excited about where you are going. 
We all have an identity, you have one right now, you just may not like it. That changes here and now with our proven identity work that brings a whole new vision for your life that EXCITES and RENEWS you. 

module one

Identity and Vision Adjusting Your Sails.

A look at what's inside

Jenai Goertzen

"This course helped me find that I AM a wife and mother who celebrates wins, is elated about life, is tender hearted and dignified in all she does. I am grateful to finally see this in myself and feel free to keep going!"

When I was knee deep in my own work, there was zero part of me that wanted to help others through it. I certainly didn't want anyone knowing how angry I was, the way I treated my husband and all about my low self-esteem and complete victim mentality. 
It wasn't until I made it to the other side that I actually listened enough to those around me to realize "they feel that way, too." It BLEW my mind and instilled courage in me to be of service. I know what it's like to be in it and feeling completely alone, and I'm telling you from the other side, you're closer to change than you can even imagine. I'm grateful I got to do it first so I can now do it with you. 
I'm currently expecting my fourth baby, thriving in motherhood, more in love with my husband than ever before and crystal clear on my purpose and mission to serve mothers NEEDED change, too.

I'm Tessa. The mindset expert for moms needing to align their mind & actions with who they want to be.

hey there!

Ready to get started?

Use the coursework and coaching to shift your mind, move emotions and change your behavior in a natural progression of becoming who you WANT to be!

and this is special


Join me on the weekly LIVE 90 minute coaching session (with Tessa) for additional coaching and Q&A sessions that show the application of this work in any circumstance! 
YES, there's replay!

You'll love this


goodness in this

Dive into the NEW Mind Body Alignment Coursework that week. You will have manageable pdf material to complete and a effective video module to guide you.


What's my process? It's simple.

That's right! If you show up to the course ready to work with me, can show me your efforts in the course work and you're still not satisfied, I will gladly give you a full refund and huge hug for giving yourself the opportunity to try something new! 

30 Day Money-Back Guarantee

there's no risk

Use this bonus to set a daily practical mindset focus for yourself each day. With the mini-sessions being less than 60 seconds, you'll succeed bringing the tool into your day and nurturing your new identity and mindset!

bonus three "24 days to a renewed mind" video guide

This special kids journal will teach your kids about their identity and mindset in a fun way that is easy to implement and they're excited to practice. Now you can do this work right alongside your kiddos!

bonus two "raising writers" mindset journal for kids

Want to see any circumstance as your opportunity in motherhood? This bonus will get you excited for the next opportunity to practice mindset with your kids. Which will be in about two minutes...

bonus one "O is for Opportunity" MOMMY MIndset module 

Fast Action Bonuses

don't forget about these!

You do not need to challenge your current perspective of who you are and what you believe. Your thoughts and behaviors are fully aligned with who you want to be!

You feel good about the way you are showing up as a wife, mother and woman each day and who you will be known as when the time comes. 

You feel happy with what the next five years will look like if you continue on this path doing what you have been doing.

This is not for you if... 

You need your thoughts to positively effect your attitude and behavior in a way you love showing up as. You NEED to see yourself make serious changes- NOW!

You are ready to find the lies that have prevented you from showing up as who you want to be. The truth does set you free and now you are ready to weed out the lies that have become beliefs.

You need to be the leader of your home setting a tone of grace, using words that speak life and modeling behaviors that effectively teach everyone else. 

This is for you if... 


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Yes, Tess! Count me in.

ready to make this change official?

You will finish anything you start the same way if you view yourself as the same person. The best part of Mind Body Alignment is our heavy emphasis on identity- who you are. We transform who you believe you are and that is why you will stay glued to this course start to finish. This course is your chance to prove you are someone that finishes what you start.

I've never finished a course
before, will this be different?

I hear you and want to reassure you that the best investment you could ever make is the one in yourself. YOU are the one that will be creating the ideas or the limitations in your life and the more you pour into yourself, the more you can expect to get out! Backed by our 30 day money back guarantee, I am confident if will be worth every second and penny you invest. 

This is a big financial investment for me... will it pay off?

You are given lifetime access to Mind Body Alignment, the recorded coaching sessions and all updates made to the course in the future. It is important that you know you have a proven roadmap that can accelerate you from one step to the next as you are ready to apply this framework to more areas of your life. Meaning, this is a lifelong tool you'll be using!

How long do we have access to the course?

While time commitments will vary depending on YOU, you can realistically expect to dedicate 3 hours a week to the course work. That's just 30 minutes a day and setting you up for a new successful habit of focusing on yourself daily. You have the time and devoting time to this will give you better quality time with your family and less time in guilt and regret!

How much time do I need to commit to the course each week?

We want you to feel seen, heard and cared for in Mind Body Alignment so we have streamlined things to make that happen. Tessa is joined by two qualified certified MOMSET Coaches that answer questions in the group so everyone is cared for and we have parameters in place for the Live sessions to ensure as many women as possible can ask their question and receive that 1:1 coaching with Tessa!

Will I get lost in the group? 

You can join Tessa LIVE once a week for 90 minutes for additional coaching and Q&A with the group. We alternate the times every other week so you can join an afternoon or evening session that best accommodates your schedule and YES, everything is recorded for easy access to replay. 
PLUS- you have lifetime access to go at your pace and really take it in!

When are the live sessions and what if I miss one?!

Have Questions? I've got answers.

It's a heavy burden to carry the weight of your unhealed experiences and continue trying to perservere forward for those that need you now. Joining Mind Body Alignment will teach you how to heal so you no longer repeatedly project stale emotions, harmful lies holding you captive and a scary vision of your life and what you deserve. You deserve freedom to see yourself be who YOU want to be. This work is all done within you.

Trust yourself as the calm steady constant in your home and life.

This is your chance.

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