My superpower is helping Mothers be the mommy they want to be with a solid mindset.

I have personal experience with trauma and healing. After working through years of therapy, I created my own healing process through self discovery and powerful perspective in motherhood.

I know the trials that come on the journey and how to help people through them. I have the gift of seeing perspectives that no one else sees.

hi I'm Tessa!

life is my brutal teacher

My childhood was filled with trauma. My personal experiences led to years of hurt, anger, loss of relationships, feeling dissatisfied and exhausted.

During my first pregnancy, I stumbled into a healing journey because I was battling crippling anger that did not align with who I wanted to be as a mother.

I wanted to be a happy, fulfilled, and present mother. I tried therapy, but there was always something missing for me to see the changes I was looking for. In the end, it didn't work for me because no one ever taught me how to heal, they allowed me to stay the victim.

I discovered the thoughts I have determine how I show up and I can heal hurtful thoughts and patterns leading to negative habits.

by doing so, i can build a daily mindset that empowers me to move forward as the gentle, nurturing, patient, present, and energetic mom I want to be.

start your healing journey

Apples with cookie dough hummus or tortilla chips!

my happy place!

Vacation in Maui, with my family.

Gardening, journaling, and reading.

Affirmation that I use daily...

“This is something I can handle”

Top Gun Maverick

Whether you think you can or you think you can’t—you’re right.

henry ford

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My Favorite Things

Empower yourself to be the mom you want to be! Use my  Mama Mantras to build you up when circumstances arise that challenge you.

improve your daily mindset

be your best self

No more competing for who's the "hotter mess" in your mom circles. No more reacting on emotions of anger, neglecting yourself and blaming the people you love... I'm here to help you shift your mindset and heal so you can move forward with love and intention.


let's change the narrative

Dear mama